Pathfinder Duels: A unique tactical card game

Pathfinder Duels: A unique tactical card game
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Last September, the publisher of the game released the first magic mobile game called Pathfinder Duels.

You may be familiar with the name Paizo Inc, but you’ve probably heard of a game called Pathfinder Adventures. This is a collectible card game on a mobile platform on both platforms is mobile and then PC. And now the father of this game has teamed up with another Chinese mobile game developer, 37Games, to launch Pathfinder Duels.

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Descendants of Pathfinder Adventures, so the Pathfinder Duels inherit almost the entire background of the predecessor. Although it is a 2D magic card game, Pathfinder Duels graphics are well invested. The attacks, the skills of the characters are eye-catching, promising to bring players a fascinating experience.

The difference in this mobile version is that it gives players a whole new character system. Besides, the rhythmic combination between magic world and vivid gameplay makes Pathfinder Duels dramatic and more interesting.


The plot is inspired by Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords. Entering the Pathfinder Duels, players like the world of Golarion, use the Iconic Heroes to fight Greed and Evil.

Players will use their heroes to set up a team with up to 6 people. This team will use skills to deal damage to the opponent’s corresponding opposing team. If no one is in that position, your hero will deal damage directly to the opponent.


Your battleground is a space array divided into 12 empty cells, corresponding to 12 card deployment locations. You will have 6 boxes, and the remaining 6 boxes will be your opponent’s. In turn, you will place a card in the designated slot of the six available slots. This will cost a little mana, but this mana cost will be returned after every round. The ultimate goal is to use the power of cards in your hand to defeat your opponent. Of course, this process must turn, must hit “the army to new generals.”

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As mentioned, in turn, the character will “wake up” and attack on the opposite side of the opponent. Until the character in the opposite square is knocked down, your character will hit the opponent directly. This also occurs when the opponent does not place any cards in the opposite position. On the two sides of the bottom of each card there are two main characters of the character that are public and private. Note these indicators during the game to kill the opponent quickly.

It sounds pretty simple, but when you start playing, you will have a headache in choosing different cards to match. This requires you to have a rational strategy with each opponent and each round with the ultimate goal of winning. Interestingly, not all of the cards have a hero that can deal damage. There are special skill heroes such as healing or increasing the damage done by allies. They can buff the effect of your entire squad, or they can have a negative effect on the opponent. This is the lively and exciting point of Pathfinder Duels.

New players guide

If you are new to the card game, Pathfinder Duels is an ideal choice.  biological child has a very detailed tutorial system for new players, ensuring that even if you have never played you can still access the game as quickly as possible.

When you click on each character, there will be information about the character that appears on the screen. Along with that, the brief but informative guide lines will be utilized by the skillful manufacturer in the process of deploying the team.

Pathfinder Duels: A unique tactical card game
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